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Fall Brews: Our Fantastic Four Picks

It’s not here yet [and I hate it when folks try to rush through the tail end of summer] but fall is coming.  And while I hate to lose hours of daylight, southern humidity, and our signature high temps, I love fall beer. Below are my four fantastic fall picks! Enjoy, folks!

One for Tailgating: Pop Gun Pilsner [Speakeasy]


I love football as much as I love beer and each year, I look for a good tailgating beer.  This fall, I’m excited to try Speakeasy’s Pop Gun: brew #3 in their Session 47 Series. This is their set of “easy drinking beers that are flavorful and perfect for a getaway” and one could totally consider tailgating a ‘getaway’. Pop Gun sounds like the perfect tailgating companion:

…Pop Gun Pilsner delivers a clean full body with hints of honey and malty sweetness. German Magnum, Hallertau, and Saphir hops balance the malt with a crisp bitter finish, and infuse the aroma with tangerine, spice, and floral notes. This traditional German Pilsner was lagered for 28 days and finished at 4.7% alcohol by volume.  

A friend of mine introduced me to Speakeasy this past summer. I was previously unaware of the Cali brewery but was pretty impressed with their offerings.  At only 4.7% ABV, the sessionable Pop Gun is tailgating’s perfect match!

To Warm You on Cooler Nights: See the Stars [Creature Comforts]

Creature Comforts















This is a complex brew.  Bourbon barrels were acquired from Kentucky’s Willett distillery, shipped up to New Hampshire’s Mac’s Maple Co where they were filled with yummy maple syrup for a few months, drained, and then sent back to Athens. At the brewery, the barrels were filled with Russian Imperial Stout and aged for a year. A YEAR!!

Oh, it’s 13% ABV. THIRTEEN FREAKIN’ PERCENT!!! If you get cold on typical fall nights, See The Stars will warm you right on up.

Thing is, you can only get it at the brewery and ONLY if you bought a ticket to the sold out September 12th bottle release, so…good luck.

Because, Halloween: Pumking [Southern Tier ]
















I openly hate pumpkin flavored ANYTHING and have an almost belligerent attitude towards clove and allspice [I’m more of a Sweet Potato Pie girl].  This is the one pumpkin flavored beer I will actually drink. Southern Tier does such a good job of balancing all of the aggressive pumpkin pie flavors and I’m almost certain they used actual pie crust in the brewing process. It’s an oldie but a damn goodie. If you haven’t had it yet, you should. Certainly more TREAT than TRICK!

Beer for Dessert: Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale [New Belgium/Ben & Jerry’s]

nbb_benjerrys_lHoly freakin’ COW!! How can ANYTHING about this be bad?? First of all, salted caramel anything is simply divine. Brownies are heavenly. Beer is obviously from the gods.  That makes this a gift from above. On top of that, when you spring for this special release (6.3% ABV) you’ll be giving back. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Protect Our Winters whose mission is to “unite and actively engage the global snow sports community to lead the fight against climate change.” Winners all around.

Cheers, y’all!

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