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The Holiday 6-Pack: Craft Beer Inspired Gifts

I do not like shopping for holiday gifts.  I don’t know what’s hot for tweens anymore because I’m no longer the “cool” aunt.  I’m really bad at trying to remember the randomly obscure comment my sister made six months ago about that weird thing she likes but just hasn’t gotten around to buying, yet. And my mom has everything. Literally.  So, it’s become somewhat of a holiday tradition to delay shopping for as long as possible knowing full well that doing so is a horribly stupid idea.

I do not like shopping for holiday gifts.

However, I do like beer and I think I’ve found a way to at least semi-enjoy holiday shopping this year: combining the two.  I’ve spent some time scouring the web for fun stuff and offer you this 6-pack of cool craft beer gift ideas.


A Very Cool Bottle Opener.


The Bottle Wrench, dubbed “The Manliest Bottle Opener You’ll Ever Own” is an actual wrench, re-worked as a bottle opener.  They’re durable, functional and pretty cool.  Starting at $6, they’re super affordable and would make the perfect bro (or brah) gift, though ladies like ’em, too!


A Craft Beer Drinker’s Passport.


The Peach State Ale Trail Passport Program offers deals and discounts at 30+ breweries, brewpubs, growler/bottle shops, and other craft beer retailers across Georgia. Passports are available at three levels with awesome benefits at each, but if you’re shopping for a true beer snob, you’ll want to spring for the Ambassador’s Passport. At $65, cardholders gain access to exclusive events, VIP tours, deep discounts and more.


Crafty Postcards Fit for Framing.

Hey Brewtiful’s 20-pack of high-resolution postcard prints is a collection of beautifully captured craft beer images.  The pack can be given as a single gift or broken up and framed individually to create gallery-worthy gifts for friends (or yourself).  Images are printed on 100% recycled paper with a matte finish and measure 4.5 x 6.25 each. A pack of 20 is $39.99, which shakes out to under $2.50 per postcard.  It’s a big bang for your buck.


Bottlecap Earrings.


Priceless Vintage is an eco-friendly shop that takes vintage and discarded objects and repurposes them as fun, unique accessories.  In this case, craft beer bottlecaps are up-cycled as carefree, lightweight earrings.  Want a particular pair? Inquire about custom orders. They’re affordable at $15 a pair and perfect for your favorite brew babe.


Handmade Beer Soap.

Beer soap

Handbrewed Soaps are exactly what you think they are: soaps made with beer ingredients.  But don’t worry, you won’t smell like a pub when you step out of the shower!  The “beery” smell fades during production leaving only the yummy esters like clove, bubblegum and banana naturally created during the brewing process.  Single bars start at around $5 and shipping is free for orders over $50.


A Curated Beer Experience.


Place your favorite Beer Geek in the captain’s seat or put a sophisticated twist on your next bottle swap party with Craft Beer Flight Kits by The Case For Beer.  The company offers craft beer aficionados memorable drinking adventures and its DIY option lets “curators” tailor private experiences to share among friends.  For $100, you’ll receive 12 boxes or “kits”, a dedicated Flight Code that allows the curator to prepopulate a private web page with the name of the Flight Kit, the beers it contains, a description of the theme and the curator’s notes. When the code and filled kits are shared with friends, folks can rank each beer, comment on them, and, ultimately, rate the Flight Kit as a whole. The ultimate beer journey!


This post is not an endorsement of any of the products listed, nor has ABB received sponsorship or compensation for sharing links. It’s merely a list of things that I find pretty cool. Photo credit (in order of posting) goes to The Bottle Wrench, The Peach State Ale Trail, Hey Brewtiful, Priceless Vintage, Handbrewed Soaps, and The Case For Beer

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