Atlanta Beer Boutique | Why Beer & Brunch Really Do ‘Go’
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Why Beer & Brunch Really Do ‘Go’

We hope that you will join us at our annual Beer Brunch event!

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Fall Beer Brunch (2)

This is a re-run of a blog post from a year ago introducing the ‘Beer Brunch’ concept. Since I’m hosting another one at the end of October, it seemed like a good idea to re-play it (with a few edits here and there). Enjoy – hope to see you at the Oct 25th Beer Brunch!

Most people don’t need a reason to put beer and food together. They just ‘go.’ But while prepping for ABB’s Fall Beer Brunch – the latest installment in our “Perfect Pairing” series – I found that some people actually do need an explanation.  Weird.

I say to friends “Hey! I’m planning a fall beer brunch. I’d love for you to come!” Many folks would say “Yay! I’m there!”  Others would furrow their brow, cock their heads about 15 degrees to the right, give a blank stare and then eventually say “Really?” I’d quickly list reasons why people would definitely want to have beer with brunch.  By the end, most were believers.

In case you ever find yourself in this situation, I offer this post which highlights what I believe to be the three most compelling reasons why beer and brunch really do ‘go.’

Reason #1: It’s the Perfect Hangover Cure.

bear hangover
The fact that brunch (in the south) is traditionally on Sunday means that you can go out on Saturday night, get your party on, take a car service home (because we condone responsible drinking) and get in a good couple hours of rest before it’s time to get up and start acting like a responsible adult again. Everyone knows that beer is the ultimate hangover cure and a good meal should go along with that.  A beer brunch just makes sense.  Whip up one of these fun beer cocktails posted by Cosmo Magazine to enjoy with your brunch and you’ll be back to your old, pre-Saturday night “what was I thinking” self in no time!

Reason #2: It’s the Perfect Time to Drink a “Coffee” Beer.  

I like coffee and I like beer, but I used to be kinda confused about when to drink a brew that combined the two.  Then I figured it out: the beer gods created coffee stouts, coffee porters and the like so that folks like me who wake up at the crack of dawn don’t have to feel like total losers for drinking a brew before noon.  No joke: I wake up at 6AM some Saturdays.  I’m supposed to wait six whole hours to enjoy a brew? I don’t think so!  Thanks to coffee brews, I don’t have to feel weird about it. Thrillist compiled a ranked list of “27 Essential Coffee Beers”. Challenge yourself to try #4 (LOL).

Reason #3: Because Everyone is Doing It. 
At times, I found myself resorting to this childish but effective retort. Not because I couldn’t think of any other reasons to give as to why beer and brunch go together but because it’s true.  Everyone is doing it.  Put “Beer Brunch” into your Google machine and see for yourself.  From Miami to Portland, beer brunches are popping up everywhere.  Don’t you want to be cool? And if not, don’t you want to eat and drink beer while doing it? Yep. I thought so.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and want to experience a beer brunch for yourself, join us at our annual event.

Fall Beer Brunch Flyer 2015


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