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Beer Cocktail? Yes, Please.

I started making beer and booze cocktails years ago when some weirdo (who obviously doesn’t know me but certainly meant well) brought crappy beer to a party at my house…and left it behind when they went home.  Like many, I really have a hard time wasting alcohol. It hurts my soul. So I started playing around with the crappy beer and other party leftovers and quickly figured out that beer and booze – when in proper proportion – go together quite nicely.  Plus the experimental element makes it a really fun thing to do!

With that in mind, the latest installment in the Perfect Pairing series featured an interactive craft beer cocktail experience that allowed guests to mix up four unique craft beer cocktails.  Perfect for those poor, misguided souls who hate beer and those of us who want to marry it and have its children, the evening presented craft beer in a different light.  From what I could tell, folks got lit had a great time!

Cocktail Collagephoto cred: Jessica Miller,

Cocktails included (pictured clockwise from the top left):

“Crumblin’ Herb”: a mix & match cocktail that allowed folks to pick an herb (mint vs basil) and a juice (grapefruit vs cranberry) and mix it with vodka and Monday Night Brewing’s Nerd Alert Pseudo Pilsner. A clean and refreshing drink under 150 calories!

The “Pumpkin Patch”: a seasonal sipper that combined Bullet brand bourbon, lemon juice, Just Add Honey’s vanilla chai tea, Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale, simple syrup and a cinnamon stick garnish.  This one would make a good hot toddy, too.

The “Munich Mule”: our take on the classic Moscow Mule cocktail made with Crabbie’s Original alcoholic ginger beer, vodka, simple syrup, and lime juice, topped with a lime wedge. This one had zing!

“Goodnight Moon”: an interesting mix of Ole Smoky blackberry moonshine, Just Add Honey Berries tea, Three Taverns White Hops, simple syrup and blueberries for garnish. Moonshine + Tea = Super Southern (and proud of it)!

If you missed the October Perfect Pairing experience, do not fret.  The next event will be held in December, deets soon to follow!


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