Atlanta Beer Boutique | Perfect Night, Perfect Pairing!
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Perfect Night, Perfect Pairing!

If you missed the kick off for our Perfect Pairing event series, then you missed a treat!  But do not fret, we’ll give you a quick recap, share some great photos and we’ll be sure to share deets for the next event as soon as they’re solid.

The focus of the Perfect Pairing series is to encourage people to re-think beer.  Our goal is to create experiences that elevate the concept of beer, especially for those who may have had a negative first experience.  The August 16th Perfect Pairing experience was a partnership with the Just Add honey Tea Company.  The night began in the cocktail lab where guests had the opportunity to mix up some amazing cocktails that incorporated Just Add Honey teas and local brews.  After, we gave a quick lesson in the proper way to taste beer and then moved through a three course pairing that matched three local brews with three local bites.


All in all, a great night with great cocktails, brews, bites and folks! We have the photos to prove it!  Thanks to all who came out.


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