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To Be[er] or Not to Be[er]…

I just thought the whole “To Be[er]…” line was clever.

As it turns out, I don’t have much to talk about for this post except some very random beer-news-bits that have arisen over the past week or so.

  1. Our President loves homebrew.  I love homebrew. Ergo, I love our President.  His tour bus rolls with White House homebrew, for crying out loud! Who’s cooler?  According to many, it’s actually pretty good.  Here are a few stories reported by NPR,  Huff Post, and USA Today.
  2. Craft brew is new for “I Do”… apparently people are wising up and are serving what they actually want to drink at their wedding receptions.  It’s all the rage now to serve beer instead of champagne for the nuptial toast.  Makes sense to me – champagne sucks, anyway.
  3. Can a Beer A Day Keep Your Bones From Decay? This is a great article that should be required reading for med students.  Another reason to drink the magical elixir besides the obvious.  Pour Gramps another! Me too, while your at it.


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