Atlanta Beer Boutique | Day 28 (#30Beers30Days)
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Day 28 (#30Beers30Days)

21st Amendment: Upholding the right to brew creatively!

Who knew beer blogging could be so much fun?! We did! It’s day 28 of the #30Beers30Days challenge! I racked up on some super cool brews yesterday – early bday gifts from friends, so the next few and final days of the #30Beers30Days challenge will be easy, but hard to decide which to drink first! Today, I cracked open 21st Amendment’s “Hell or High Watermelon” American Wheat Beer (4.9%ABV, San Francisco).

Hell or High Watermelon is 21st Amendment’s seasonal release. It’s easily the coolest 6-pack I’ve ever seen. Oh, and it’s in a can. Did I mention that? That automatically makes this beer a cool one. Hell or High Watermelon is an American wheat beer, which makes it a hybrid. It’s also fermented with watermelon and has added juice, which makes it a fruit beer.  Wait…right?!  I’m confused.

Apparently, fruit wheat beers were developed to appeal to lady beer drinkers. This one is very delicate, light, crisp, and dry.  The head was very low, bubbly, and minimal.  It was very easy to drink but probably not enough of a punch for my taste.  However, I think it could be ‘done up’ w/a shot of vodka and/or melon liqueur. And I’d definitely buy it for my non-beer drinking gal pals!

I’d give this one a B, just for being cool.

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