Atlanta Beer Boutique | Day 27 (#30Beers30Days)
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Day 27 (#30Beers30Days)

Too bad this #30Beers30Days challenge is winding down. We’re on day 27

Not even sure how to pronounce this one!

already, sipping on a Warsteiner Premium Verum (4.8%ABV, German). I’d never, ever heard of this one.  It’s a German pilsner in a beautiful bottle.  This one had a skunky smell but a nice, champagne dry finish.

I’ve learned that one of the ‘secrets’ of this brewery is the use of extremely soft water in the brewing process.  Soft water (meaning it contains very little calcium) produces an extremely light, crisp beer.  This one fit the bill.  It was clear and golden in color with a nice fluffy head.  It was a good beer, but nothing too special.  It would make an amazing base for beer cocktails, however, so it has great potential!

The Warsteiner was super easy to drink and was perfect for what ended up being a hot and steamy day! Good, solid B.

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