Atlanta Beer Boutique | Day 25 (#30Beers30Days)
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Day 25 (#30Beers30Days)

So the beer we’re sipping on today is New Belgium’s Ranger IPA (6.5%

An old fave

ABV, Colorado). I haven’t had one of these in awhile.  It’s just a very pleasant beer. Hoppy but not too much so. Floral and grassy with a thick and heavy head.  It’s well carbonated and clear.

My friend who is not a beer drinker had a sip and proclaimed that it was the most disgusting beer she’s ever had.  Certainly, IPAs are an acquired taste.  I, on the other hand, think the Ranger is the perfect IPA.  Then again, I love New Belgium products. And IPAs are among my faves.

New Belgium’s Ranger IPA is an easy A. It was almost unfair for me to review it. It’s a ringer!

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