Atlanta Beer Boutique | Day 18 (#30Beers30Days)
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Day 18 (#30Beers30Days)

It's been a long day, indeed.

I’ve had 18 craft beers that I’ve never had before in the past 18 days and I haven’t even scratched the surface. This was a brilliant idea.  Back at H. Harper Station for this so difficult challenge!! Today I’m having Red Hare’s Long Day Lager (5.25% ABV, Marietta, GA). I didn’t get off work until 7:30 tonight…it’s so fitting!

So, this brewery is comprised of 2 dudes from Marietta, right up the road. I felt that I had to try this one out! They were semi-retired from corporate America when they started a homebrew outfit in their basement.  How cool.  The Long Day Lager had a really vino-esque aroma. Sweet. Fruity. Floral. Pretty dry and light to the taste; a light, rosy amber hue.  It was pretty hoppy. Kinda surprising since it’s a lager, right?! I know!!!

Upon further inspection via the internets, however, I found that Red Hare uses noble hops in this brew, and that the Long Day lager is actually a Bohemian style pilsner…again, the reason there’s a hoppy presence. I’d order this again. And again. It’s super easy to drink.

This Red Hare Long Day Lager gets an A. Just like 90% of the other beers I’ve had!

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