Atlanta Beer Boutique | Day 14 (#30Beers30Days)
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Day 14 (#30Beers30Days)

I love my ‘hood. East Atlanta is a fantastic locale. Pub drinkers converge here.

Meet Me in the Trap...

I’m with my fellow beer love and future food blogger Michelle.  Tonight for day 14, I think, of my #30Beers30Days challenge, I’m drinking a LaTrappe Tripel (8% ABV).

Tripel ales are called as such b/c they’re made with three times more malt than standard Trappist ales.  …And Trappist ales are called as such because they are a historical beer named after the Belgium monks that brewed them.  This beer is brewed by the Dutch Koningshoeven Brewery founded in 1884. It’s a seriously complex ale. Thick – smells and tastes like burnt caramel.

Most surprising: the peppery finish. The LaTrappe Tripel is a serious beer. If you consider yourself a Belgium beer drinker… You better know all about LaTrappe!!

This is a very respectable beer. On day 14 or so of this #30Beers30Days challenge, LaTrappe Tripel gets an A.

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