Atlanta Beer Boutique | Day 13 (#30Beers30Days)
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Day 13 (#30Beers30Days)

So, i’m finally home from the Sweetwate 420Fest – easily my least favorite festival and one of my favorite beers. Of course, I would have to choose a beer from the 420Fest for the featured beer for Day #13 of the challenge.

 I love Sweetwater. I have had just about every Sweetwater brew ever mood. After looking over the festival selection, I made my decision…

 ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!

 I haven’t had a Sweetwater Road Trip since…I’m not sure when. I was excited to see this Pilsner on tap. It was light, crisp + smooth.  Sweetwater goes with Atlanta like Coca Cola and Chick-Fil-A!!  This Festival officially kicks off festival season in Atlanta. Road Trip was the ideal brew to review for day 13. This is the 1st Pilsner I’ve reviewed so far. Like all Pilsners, it’s crisp, clean and light. It’s actually pretty hoppy.

 The hops in Sweetwater Road Trip are floral.  It was the perfect beer to drink at a festival – it’s easy going and ‘goes’ with a variety of foods.  It has a perfect balance of malt to hops. It’s sweet with an earthy bite reminiscent of Honeysuckle.

 I’d give Sweetwater Road Trip a good, solid B. Forever I Love Atlanta.

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