Atlanta Beer Boutique | Day 12 (#30Beers30Days)
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Day 12 (#30Beers30Days)

Set it off on your left...

Its day 12…also 4/20. In honor of this day (and as an Atlantan) I should be drinking a Sweetwater.  It’s so tempting, but it would defeat the purpose of this challenge, right? Let’s jump right in!

I chose a Milk Stout by the Left  Hand Brewing Co (6% ABV, Colorado). I will admit. I know very little of stouts and I rarely drink them.  There seems to be a lot of good brewing going on in Colorado!

Milk stouts (sometimes called sweet stouts) are brewed with milk sugar (lactose).  They have been called the beer version of cappuccino.  The Left Hand Milk Stout is a dark mahogany color with a super thick and rich head. The carbonation was average. Not super fizzy with a medium-to-heavy body/weight.  I noticed right away a sweet and mild aroma and a coffee like taste. It’s a bit bitter but not too harsh, and not due to the hops.  This beer was very reminiscent of unsweetened coffee.

The Left Hand Milk Stout is definitely one I’d drink with food. I should also point out that both the label and bottle cap are hella cool too!

The Left Hand Milk Stout gets an “Incomplete” b/c I have no point of reference. I can’t rightfully judge it, and grading it would be unfair at this point, right?!

Yay! More research!

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