Atlanta Beer Boutique | Day 8 (#30Beers30Days)
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Day 8 (#30Beers30Days)

Tonight, I tried the Avery Maharaja Imperial Indian Pale Ale (10.24%, CO).

The Mighty Maharaja

Avery has been brewing beer in Boulder, Colorado since ’93.  I remember visiting this brewery during a summer internship, but over the years we’ve lost touch.  So glad to become reacquainted with an old friend!

Avery makes super unique, eccentric beer.  Their whole ‘thing’ is to brew what they like to drink, not what the market dictates.  Gotta love that!  The Maharaja is a seasonal brew produced from December – March; you can only find it in early spring.  I was all too pleased to see it at the Midway!

The first thing you need to know about the Maharaja: it ain’t no punk.  It is brewed with an almost disrespectful amount of hops – 4 different kinds.  Let’s get into that first…

You should also know that this beer is 10.24% ABV…seriously.  You Will Respect The Maharaja!

Other things of note in this beer: it’s a beautiful deep amber hue, has a very sweet and citrusy aroma, and has a thick, heavy mouthfeel.  After it settles down a bit, just about turns into liqueur.  It reminded me of St. Bernardus or some other quadruple.

If you want a complex beer, this may be it!  I’d definitely try it again, but with food.  A solid B.

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