Atlanta Beer Boutique | So, about that great running + drinking blog idea I had…
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So, about that great running + drinking blog idea I had…

I had the bright idea to combine my two loves into one, fantastic blog series: I Drink, Therefore I Run.  The blog was to follow team Pretty Girls Run’s half marathon training program while highlighting the best post-run pubs in Atlanta.  Since I was to begin a 10-week training for the Silver Comet Trail Half Marathon, my plan was to visit my favorite watering holes after our group weekend long runs and tell you all about them.

But that was before my doc prescribed 6 weeks of physical therapy for my injured knee.

So, while the idea remains a great one, it’s been put on the back burner until I can get back on the pavement.  My hope is that, with a sign-off from my doc at the beginning of November, I’ll be ready to begin training for the Miami Half Marathon in January 2013.

Hang in there with me and stay tuned!

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