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I Drink, Therefore I Run…

A friend of mine re-tweeted an article (originally posted by Runners World) on Twitter today titled “TASTE-TESTED: The 10 best post-run recovery bars for runners”.  As a runner and beer drinker, imagine how excited I was!  So excited, in fact, that I actually clicked through to the article, which I never do.  Imagine, then, how upset I was to find that the article talked about bars that you eat, post-run. Not bars that you visit, as in pubs. Lames.  What a wasted opportunity.


I train with a chick (and chic) running group called Pretty Girls Run. At any given time, someone among us is training for something: a 5 or 10K, a half or full marathon, a triathlon, or a century bike ride.  But in addition to running together, we also revel in post-run drinking…to replenish electrolytes, of course.


After recovering from the disgust I felt after the wasted click through, I decided to blog about what I thought the article should have been about: The best post-race bars (where bars = pubs) in Atlanta.  So, this fall, in tandem with the Pretty Girls Run race calendar, I’ll be blogging about our post-run bar hopping in my “Best Post-Run Recovery Pubs” blog.  Stay tuned!



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