Atlanta Beer Boutique | Day 7 (#30Beers30Days)
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Day 7 (#30Beers30Days)

We can Dig it!

I absolutely love New Belgium products. Today for the #30Beers30Days Challenge, I tasted Dig (5.6% ABV), their summer seasonal pale ale.  New Belgium is a Colorado brewery that opened shop in 1991 w/a tradition of brewing interesting products; I’m sure all breweries think that.  But in my humble opinion, they really do. I visited Tomatillo’s in EAV. Not the best beer selection, especially a place that says “Burritos & Beer” on the door.  But they did have the Dig, which I’d never tasted (that I could recall). I was too excited to try Dig – a Pale Ale brewed with five different styles of hops. FIVE!! That kinda thing makes me happy!

The beer was full of fruit and floral aromas and had a nice copper color. The first whiff put me in a tropical place. First taste did too.  Surprising to me: a beer with 5 differing hops wasn’t all that hoppy. Lemon, mango, and peach were up front. Grapefruity hops played backup.  The ale had a medium to light body – not too heavy at all. Nice foam and really thick lacing: that’s the foam that lingers in the glass.

I really Dig this beer…get it?! Ha…that was pretty lame. But seriously, I could drink this one all summer. I think it would pair really well with grilled food, or with nothing at all: as a mid day refreshment. It’s just that yummy. And good for me! I’ve had a string of mediocre brews this week.

Final word on New Belgium’s Dig Seasonal Pale Ale: Try it! An A+ brew!

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