Atlanta Beer Boutique | How Drinking Establishments Support Their Neighborhoods
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How Drinking Establishments Support Their Neighborhoods

Drinking establishments can typically be found at the heart of any community across the United States. While they provide a place to socialize for local patrons, they also serve a much greater purpose. Drinking establishments are strong supporters of their neighborhoods, and many people may not realize just how much their local bar does for their area. We share a few of the ways drinking establishments support their neighborhoods below.

Bars Give Back to the Community via Fundraisers and Sponsorships

Bar owners understand they are an important piece of their community, and they often find ways to give back. Many drinking establishment owners give back year-round, rather than waiting for the holidays. One of the ways drinking establishments give back to the community is by hosting fundraisers for nonprofit organizations or other local charities and causes. Some fundraisers involve guest bartenders, raffles, darts or pool tournaments, themed quiz competitions, and special karaoke nights or band shows. By hosting the event, the bar provides a venue for the event and often does not charge the organization to hold the event.

Drinking establishments also give back by sponsoring local events or sports teams. Those who sponsor local events often donate liquor or sell it at cost; others donate bartenders to work free of charge. Sometimes they also chip in to cover the printing costs of T-shirts, flyers, or other promotional items. Similarly, bars often sponsor adult leagues in softball, baseball, bowling, and other sports. They cover costs to help participants form teams and attend games and tournaments.

Neighborhood bars also participate in pub crawls during certain times of the year. An organization plans the crawl and charges participants an entry fee; then, participants earn sponsorships for each bar they visit during the night. The bars get a boom of business by participating in the crawl, and a local organization benefits from the entry fees and sponsorship money collected.

Holding Food Drives

Some drinking establishments hold food drives throughout the year because they realize that many communities hold them only around the holidays. Local bars and pubs often discount drinks for each canned food donated by a patron, or they waive cover charges for patrons who donate canned goods. Drinking establishments may partner with a local food bank or non-profit organization to ensure the food goes to the people in the area who are most in need.

Food drives held by drinking establishments are often very successful because the bar can promote the drive via their social media pages. They reach their audience quickly and easily, and they also inform regular patrons a few weeks ahead of time to take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising.

Bars are Inclusive

Many neighborhood bars are inclusive and welcome everyone who comes through their doors. It’s not unusual to find people from various religious, financial, and educational backgrounds in a community bar because it provides a comfortable place to socialize. Many drinking establishments are taking their inclusivity one step further and welcoming dogs with their owners. Dog-friendly bars have been on the rise in major U.S. cities, and now many are popping up in the suburbs and rural areas of the country as owners realize patrons want to relax and socialize with their four-legged friends in tow.

People living near bars especially love being able to pop in for a drink as part of their nightly dog-walking ritual. When drinking establishments accept their pets, dog owners find a venue for socializing their dogs and getting them used to unfamiliar people and places. The dogs enjoy the extra attention, and their owners enjoy enhancing their evening stroll with some good spirits and company. The bar truly becomes part of the community when it fits into people’s daily routines.

Drinking establishment owners realize their place in the community, and they often show their appreciation by giving back via fundraisers and sponsorships, holding food drives, and being inclusive and welcoming all members of the community.

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