Atlanta Beer Boutique | Day 4 (#30Beers30Days)
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Day 4 (#30Beers30Days)

Hola, Señora Victoria! Red and luscious and fair.

Hola, Senora Victoria! Welcome to the Dirty South by way of the Deadwood Saloon!  Victoria is a Vienna-style lager brewed and bottled in Mexico. Vienna lagers were first brewed in Europe (as the name suggests) but eventually made its way to Mexico where this style has become commonplace and most popular.  This brand has been going strong since 1865 making it the oldest Mexican beer.

Tonight was my first experience with Vienna-style lagers.  According to text, Vienna-style lagers are reddish or copper in color, toasty in aroma, light to medium body, with malty flavors.  Check, check, check, and check.  There was little to no after taste, which was great.  It was, by all accounts, a brew with a dry finish. I’m not sure I’ve ever recognized that quality in a beer before.  This was the most notable quality of the Victoria lager.  It was a fine beer – don’t get me wrong.  But I was not overwhelmed.  If fact, I’m pretty ambivalent towards this brew…I’ll probably forget about it until I’m out one day and I’m all “remember that time I was at the Deadwood Saloon in Midtown Atlanta and I had that dry beer…what was it called, again?”

Nat King Cole was NOT talking about you, Victoria.

I’d give this average beer an average grade: C.


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