Atlanta Beer Boutique | “Why Beer?” with Eric from Uncap
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“Why Beer?” with Eric from Uncap

Recently, I made a post on Uncap Brew’s Instagram page about a Coffee Imperial Stout from Lagunitas and a follower of mine posed this question to me, “Beer coffee, why”. I think the question was more sarcastic, with a little bit of shade, rather than an authentic question, but it led me to this current series you will read, “Why Beer”. So over the next couple of posts, I will uncap the several styles of beers, the trends, the history, the basics and even the experimental side of beer, but before we tackle the branches of beer let’s start at the root.

What is beer? I’m going to assume you know nothing about beer or how it’s made, but I’ll keep it completely simple. Beer is made with 4 main ingredients; water, hops (or some type of spice), yeast and grains. That’s it, nothing more and absolutely nothing less. Beer has been a novelty for centuries; from the ancient gruel-beer to George Washington’s beer recipe to the new West Coast hazy IPA. In coveted circles, great beer is intensely sought after.

Below, I will point out 3 reasons to the question, “Why Beer.” Now, these reasons are subjective to my personal opinion, so if you have other reasons, please comment and let me know.

First, beer is good.

Beer is creative. Beer has character. No beer tastes the same. You could take a bottle of wine and yes, it will taste different based on the attention to detail and the finesse in which it is produced but the closest you’ll get to “creative” with wine is maybe aging them in bourbon barrels. Beer on the other hand is closely relatable to food. There are not only many styles, but within that one style there could be endless options for ingredients. From coffee beans to waffles or maple syrup to oysters; the possibilities are infinite. Beer is the ultimate canvas for creativity.

Second, beer is the ultimate drink to pair with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Yes, I said breakfast. Look at almost any brewery and you’ll find a breakfast beer. From Wicked Weed’s French Toast Imperial Stout to the Founder’s Breakfast Stout or the Burial Skillet Doughnut Stout to even Dogfish Head’s Beer for Breakfast (it’s actually brewed with my favorite and often hated breakfast meat, scrapple). Again, beer is probably the most creative beverage in the world that leaves you wanting more. I don’t care how many beers I’ve been able to uncap; there will always be a beer that changes my preconceived thoughts about it.

Again this is subjective and victim to my own personal vendetta to have every human in the world not only drinking beer, but enjoying the journey to uncap every beer!!

Third, beer is just as precious, elegant and refined as wine.

Over the years, beer has developed a less sophisticated impression for itself. From the advertisements and marketing; beer has been the drink for men who ride horses, blue-collar men and southern belles who enjoy a cold one at a football game. Beer is more than football. Beer is more than men. Beer is for everyone.

So, why beer?

Because beer is for the hard working parent, the middle-class professor or the person that doesn’t like football. But the real reason, the real answer to the question why beer: because it’s for you.

Uncap! Everything.

Guest Blogger: Eric from Uncap Brews

A Little Info: I’m just a guy who loves to write and enjoys the consistent occasional beer. I’m from Nashville, but currently live an hour outside Atlanta.

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