Atlanta Beer Boutique | New Year, New Brew: A 2017 New Beers Resolution
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New Year, New Brew: A 2017 New Beers Resolution

I’m a goal-setter. I like to profess my objectives for the year and what’s more, I like to take steps to actually accomplish them. I spent a great deal of 2016 laying the foundation for my business and was especially focused on getting things in order for the brick and mortar Atlanta Beer Boutique. It was a busy 365 days! I expect that 2017 will be as (if not more) busy.  It’s a new year – the perfect time for reflection and redirection. This is my New Beers Resolution.

Publish “The Chick’s Guide to Beer”

I have a new beer book coming out soon! The Chick’s Guide to Beer is a reference manual that breaks down and presents the fundamentals of beer into a quick and easy read. It’s the perfect book for ladies (or anyone, really) interested in learning more about beer and how to fully enjoy it. Fingers crossed, it will be published in the spring. Be on the look out for an official book release party and local brewery tour!

Attend a Craft Beer Festival Outside of Georgia

I’ve been to most of the metro Atlanta beer festivals at least a few times but it’s time to branch out! I’ve heard only the best things about the Great American Beer Festival where the largest collection of U.S. beer is served in a public tasting event.  The festival takes place annually in Denver.  There’s absolutely no reason not to go.

Try Lots of New Beers (Duh)

New beers drop all of the time; I just can’t keep up.  Thank heavens for Beer Street Journal’s “Coming Soon” page!  There are a few I’m itching to try in the new year, including the Terrapin/Walking Dead collabo Lucille (a blackstrap molasses stout) and Dogfish Head’s Beer To Drink Music To ’17.

Support New Local Breweries

There are a few new breweries in metro Atlanta that I have  yet to visit. I’ll hopefully be hosting a few brewery meet-up events in conjunction with the release of “The Chick’s Guide to Beer” at a few of these locales: 

Open a Beer Shop

I promise, this is still a goal! Next steps include securing funding (including a crowd funding campaign) and picking the perfect location. If you know of anyone who’s looking to invest in a local beer business please let me know. I’m very serious. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on our progress and how you can help via blogposts.

#Cheers, y’all!


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