Atlanta Beer Boutique | The Year In Review + What’s New
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The Year In Review + What’s New

To begin, I must pay gratitude to all of you who were a part of making 2015 the most spectacular year of ABB’s [very brief] existence. It was non-stop!

The year kicked off with me lending my my opinion to the fine peeps at Southern Living Magazine on their “South’s Best Winter Brews” article.

Southern Living


The Team had the pleasure of participating in a few beer festivals and brewery parties with our friends at High Gravity Hip Hop. In addition to tastings and pairings, we had a blast providing tasting experiences for private parties all across Atlanta.




Co-hosting yoga parties [with beer after, of course] was a new venture and we even got in a few pub meet-ups at some of our favorite watering holes in the city.




During the summer, I taught a series of free beer courses for the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library including a cool one on how to host your own at-home beer tasting.  In the fall, I launched Beer, Football + Friends [also known as BFFs] with my real life BFF, Rashan Ali. It took off at top speed! I ended the year with some pretty positive press via a Creative Loafing feature [whaaaaat] and a winter beer tasting party.


Being a 1 year old has been busy but also super fun. So much fun, we’re ready to do it again! Here’s what’s on tap for 2016.


The final BFF event of the football season will be a great opportunity for ladies to learn lots about beer and football from legit beer and football geeks in a super chill environment. This last session comes just in time to prep you for the Super Bowl! Attendees will receive a football and beer cheat sheet, free food and beer pairings and swag! Click here to RSVP.BFF Jan 2016 Event

The Perfect Pairing Series will return. We’ll do seasonal beer and food pairings [including a new Spring Beer Brunch] but we’ll also add a few new duos into the mix. Get ready for a fun beer and wine pairing party and an event that pairs brews with books [because I’m also a lit geek].


Low-key local brewery meet-ups are on the horizon. There’s not really a whole lot to this one – just a few planned visits to a some of Atlanta’s breweries. There are so many options in the city. We’ll see how many we can hit up in a year!


The plan to open the Atlanta Beer Boutique retail shop is still in the works! The goal is to spend this year putting the finishing touches on the business plan, to begin attracting investors, and to set a real timeline for opening our doors! We’ll be sure to keep you posted on our progress via blogposts.

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