Well, We’re Movin’ On Up.

Thanks to Creative Loafing and my new BBFF [Beer Best Friend Forever] Austin Ray for making my soggy Atlanta Monday sunny! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Austin a few weeks back at my favorite neighborhood spot, the Midway Pub in EAV. I knew he was writing a piece on me [little, old me!!!!] for the First Draft section of CL Mag and I knew [or at least thought] that it would be in the print edition on this coming Thursday. I didn’t, however, expect it to run online today. It was a pleasant surprise.

This must be how the Jeffersons felt when they moved to the eastside.



To be featured in CL is quite the honor to me for a few reasons.  I regard it as THE Atlanta magazine. I put “Get Published in Creative Loafing” on my vision board about 4 years ago because I respect it so much. It has a certain cachet. It’s that important to me.

Secondly, it’s been around forever – since the early 1970s! I’ve been picking them up for as long as I can remember and I silently judge establishments that don’t carry CL.

And most importantly, I think that Creative Loafing represents the real Atlanta. I’m a near native [we moved here when I was 2]. I love this city. LOVE. IT. And while people, places, things and trends come and go in Atlanta like the wind, it’s pretty boss to have a publication like Creative Loafing that’s been down since day 1.

Forget all of the glossy and fancy publications. I will always look to the Loaf for my Atlanta news.

To read the full write up about The Atlanta Beer Boutique, click here.