‘Tis the Season: #3 of Our Top 10 Holiday Brews

Today’s featured holiday brew: New Belgium’s “Snow Day” Winter Ale (6.2%, Ft. Collins)


Why we like it: It’s a black IPA that’s intense and mellow at the same time. The chocolate and malt seem to create a nice balance with the hops, which tends to even out the flavor, altogether.  New Belgium uses a new malt called Midnight Wheat for this winter seasonal.0

How to pair it:  Snow Day has an herbal element from the hops.  It would pair well with earthy and herbal flavors such as rosemary, thyme and oregano.

Where to buy it: You can find New Belgium almost anywhere.  Click here to find a Snow Day near you.


‘Tis the Season: #2 of Our Top 10 Holiday Brews

Today’s featured holiday brew: Terrapin’s Moo Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout (6% ABV, Athens).


Why we like it: This beer is sweet, rich & creamy. Great for cold weather sippin’. Terrapin used cocoa nibs & shells to punch up the chocolate flavor in the Moo Hoo stout. It’s divine!

How to pair it:  Try Moo Hoo with any chocolate treat or drink solo after dinner as your dessert. It pairs excellently!

Where to buy it: Terrapin has great distribution across the southeast.  Click here to find a distributor close to you!


‘Tis the Season: My Top 10 Holiday Brews!

The holidays: the perfect excuse to explore the vast market of festive brews!  Seriously, the list is never-ending.  We’ll pick our top 10 over the next few weeks and post our quickie reviews here.

Today’s featured holiday brew: Sweetwater Brewery’s Festive Ale (8.5% ABV, Atlanta).


Why we like it: Winter Warmers can be hard to get down if you’re not used to such a substantial beer, but this one is easy as pie! Very malty and full with nice spicy notes (cinnamon, mace, and maybe some ginger).  

How to pair it:  Try this one with decadent desserts like truffles or a chocolate torte.

Where to buy it: In Atlanta, you can find this at just about any respectable spirits shop and certainly at craft beer stores like Ale Yeah.