Day 23 (#30Beers30Days)

We’ve had a new brew every day for the past 22 days. Gearing up for day #23!

Hopnotic Brew...

Next to a basic wheat ale, IPAs are my fave. I’m paying homage tonight to the style that started it all: the English IPA.  I’m going w/the Cricket Hill Hopnotic IPA (5.2% ABV, NJ).

The invention of the IPA places the English in pretty high regard in my book. Since this is an English IPA, I’m expecting it to be a bit more mellow as compared to an American or Imperial IPA.

This one’s super smooth, cloudy and golden with just enough bite. It has a green taste and aroma with a slight malt character. It has a full body and an almost sticky mouthfeel; a creamy and sturdy head with good density all around. However, the texture of the brew changed dramatically with the temperature.  It became extremely thick once it’s warmed a bit. Not a good texture at all.

If you like a mild IPA, this Cricket Hill Hopnotic IPA may be the beer for you.  It would pair well with ceviche or another bold, citrusy dish.

This Cricket Hill Hopnotic IPA is not too bad.  But it’s also not too good..  A good average, C beer.

Day 21 (#30Beers30Days)

Today we’re venturing into Saision territory with the Brooklyn

Super fresh from Brooklyn

Sorachi Ace (7.6% ABV, NY).  Saisons were first brewed in farmhouses in the French speaking region of Belgium.  They were brewed to help hydrate farm workers during the summer months and were refreshing and low in alcohol content.

This farmhouse Saision is perfect for a hot patio session: crisp, light, spicy. It’s unfiltered but golden with good carbonation.  It’s made with Sorachi ace hops which are grown in Oregon but were first cultivated in Japan. The lemony taste and aroma they lend make them perfect for saisons which are typically tart and mildly sweet.

The Brooklyn variety is fruity and citrusy in both taste and aroma. The hops are delicate and easy.

Short story: I love this beer. Easy A.

Is it getting lame that I love nearly 90% of the beers I’ve reviewed?Unless its a crappy beer, it’s hard to find one I don’t like! Happy drinking!

Day 20 (#30Beers30Days)


Much respect due

Checking in for day 20 of the #30Beers30Days challenge! I’m on a Hitachino Nest 3 Day (8% ABV, Japan).  I don’t typically love Japanese beers, but the story behind this brew is amazing.  Remember when that huge earthquake hit Japan in March of 2011?  Well, this beer was in the mash tank, and since the brewery was without power for 3 days, the mash started 2 naturally ferment.  The result is the Hitachino Nest 3 Day.

This beer is pretty fantastic, but I may be biased because I love witbiers. It’s cloudy and smooth like a classic wit but so much more complex. It’s spicy, flavorful, and sweet.

Witbiers are my absolute favorite, but that said they’re known to be on the simple side, which I’m totally fine with.  But this was what a classic witbier should be, and a touch more.  And the story: come on. Who can beat it?!  It could totally get by on the sympathy vote:  A.